Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Chuck Palahniuk is something of a genius.

But before I try to back that up, I should probably do a bit of a recusion cha-cha.

You see, I have this buddy whom I've known from college whose tastes run to the dark and absurd. For instance, he once drew this brilliant cartoon that showed a sloth hanging from a tree (it had a resemblance to Garfield, which made it better ... really) that possessed a penis equal to the mass of its body, which dangled past its back a bit. The expression on the face was of utter jadedness, and the caption read "moral fucksloth." It so perfectly coined yer basic twenty-something guy when he goes to a meat-market to get laid.

Another of his coinages was the term "shit clit." He had just emerged from taking one of those dumps that feel spectacular, and he says, "That one really hit my shit clit." And he proceeded to mime a birthing turd, pulling one finger from the grasp of the others, and going "OOOOOoooooOOOooo." Gross. Shocking. Hilarious.

This buddy got me ready for the sensibilities of Chuck Palahniuk.

Another oddity of mine is that I can pretty much handle any sort of depravity, bizarre sexual scenarios, terrible acts of human cruelty and so on on the written pagel. I have a much different line of demarcation for movies, primarily because actors (no matter how willing) have to perform the acts you see, and if it's something I can't imagine someone I love doing, I'm dropped out of the flow of the movie. I can handle a bit more with animation, because it's drawings or computer generated stuff, sorta like words on a page.

I say that only because I've groused about porn and other less than honorable pursuits before.

/End Recuse

Why is he a genius?

Because who else could set a novel on the day of a porn video shoot where a woman decides to go for the new gang-bang record of 400 guys at once and make it suspenseful, compelling, moving, and funny?

The premise is this porn queen is planning to die during (or right at the end of) the shoot in order to launch the video into the stratosphere so that her child, who she gave up for adoption years earlier, can inherit a fortune as a sort of apology for her life and abandonment of the child. Further complications are the queen's illegitimate son might be one of the participants, and the father might be as well. (Ew!)

There's a lot thrown your way to make you squirm, sorta like during Clarice Starling's exit after her first interview with Lecter, if you get my meaning.

Great, quick (quickie?) read. A must for fans, and a recommendation for someone who's not yet read a Palahniuk.

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