Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cracked Windshields All Over the Stadium Parking Lot

Boy, Pres. Obama just batted it out of the park with his address to congress last night! Several times.

Time to party!

(A Repub friend of mine sent me this in one of those emails mocking Dems, but I thought this really fit the positive mood Obama projected.)

I mean, members of congress were mobbing him and handing him copies of his speech to sign like he was a rock star. Have you EVER seen that happen?

And the next time anyone wails about the liberal slant to the media, I'm gonna tell them to join us back in reality. Check out the "Related" section on the Yahoo news article on the speech:

Is there even one positive article in there?

I also figured out one of the reasons why Repubs are flipping out so much about Obama - they're even more shrill than when Clinton was in office: it's because he's better than Reagan "the great communicator" and more charismatic, and they know it. They will now lose the image war they felt they'd won forever during Reagan to the Democrats (well, except the for wingnuts who will hate Obama just because). I'm lovin' that!

(Btw, the other main reason is that somewhere along the line, far right Repubs came up with the meme, which they apparently believe, that they are the true rulers of America, even when they don't hold the presidency or a majority in congress.)

It's nice being back on the happy side of the aisle again.

Monday, February 23, 2009


It's been five years since Michael Blowhard suggested I start a blog. I was hesitant, not believing I really had that much to say. I've since discovered not having that much to say isn't an impediment. The joy is in the doing. Many times I've been surprised when I started writing out of a sense of responsibility (as I'm always thrilled when any of the blogs I read has a new post) and ended up with something entertaining (or at least I thought it was).

Even so, I felt it was time to reevaluate some things. Frinstance, though I really liked my old template (with the dots and stuff), I felt a small remodeling was due. I like the minimalist blue-screen look of this new template, fitting with the "reboot" theme. It has one big flaw in that any pics that are too large flow over into the menus on the right, and I haven't been able to figure out a wholesale fix, so older posts with big graphics might look a bit muddled.

I also considered just closing up shop for a while, feeling I've had a good run. My readership has pretty much topped out according to sitemeter, and is even dropping precipitously. I gave it a long and hard look, and nearly hit the delete button about a week ago. But then I remembered what I wrote in the first paragraph: this has become something for me as much as it is for anyone who reads this.

Just for the sake of completism, another thing I considered was deleting all but the "greatest hits" posts. But as I read through those I was thinking of consigning to the bin, I realized that I kinda dug them, too. So, here it all is. For better or worse. Blame Micheal.

To that end, I offer most humble apologies for my sallying forth to the windmills if you've stumbled here and feel I've wasted your time.

And most humble thanks for those of you who still check in once in a while. I'll try to make it worth your while and maybe make you smile.