Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Joe Bob Briggs, where are you?

Hey, the Bush administration is floating the idea that they would want to postpone the presidential election if America is hit with a terrorist attack around that time. I have always thought that this administration was going to try something like this (shame apparently isn't in their makeup), so I'm not surprised by the concept, but I am surprised they have attempted to float it this early.

Since bringing it up early will allow those opposed to the idea to organize and more effectively fight it, which evil Karl Rove would have considered, there is probably another reason they have brought it up now. Is the administration trying to tape a "kick me" sign on America's back? In other words, are they sending a message to terrorists that if they were going to attack, this administration would prefer it happen at election time?

In related news, since it's out of print in hardcopy, you can get Sinclair Lewis's It Can't Happen Here here.

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