Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Gotta Love Cintra

Cintra Wilson is a wildly talented writer that Salon lets loose to praise and partially eviscerate celebrities of her choosing. I bring this up only to hit you with a quote I found pretty damn funny. In her recent article praising Christian Bale - who assumes the cowl of the caped crusader in the upcoming Batman film - she offers this critique of the made-for-TV movie where Christian played Jesus:

As Jesus, he is surprisingly wild: by turns broody, tortured, savage and ecstatic. He plays it more like a classic John the Baptist, so the John the Baptist had to overcompensate by screaming his entire performance like John Cleese with a loincloth full of scorpions.

I'll probably chuckle over that one into the New Year. I'll probably steal it and work it into a conversation at the next party to impress all within earshot of my wit, too.

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