Friday, April 08, 2005

Do the Evolution

When will this issue go away? Hasn't it already inherited enough wind?

As a Christian, I believe that God created everything. However, the means by which He did it could include the way it's described in Genesis (though I think that story is an allegorical version of the literal events), through evolution, or by some other means not described yet. Moreover, who cares?

I spent a couple days thinking about how I could gas on about this for a post so I could then lead into linked articles, but realized I should just point to the articles that handle this topic much better than I could, and be done with it.

However, I have one point to make before you go.

In the same way that many fundies are trying to push their religious views on everyone, many profs in the sciences in college do the same thing. Anthropology is the biggest offender as I've heard profs say outright that belief in God or anything spiritual automatically marks you as an idiot, and unworthy as a scholar. Is that not evangelism for an unprovable point of view? Biology profs, though not as rabid as Anthro profs, are the other big offender in this group. What's interesting is that you go over to the physics and astronomy departments, you'll find many more profs - even something close to a balance - who will allow as much evidence points toward the possibility of a creator as points away. I find that most telling of all.

So, dear God, please let's teach evolution in schools. Creationism is pure bunk and its boosters can be best characterized as the poor blindfolded guy helping describe the elephant who has discovered the anus. And let's all avoid evangelism pro and con about God in the classroom. Just the facts, ma'am.

Roger Ebert says this better: 'Job vs. the Volcano': Faith vs. science in IMAX

As does Paul Krugman: An Academic Question
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sharon said...

Amen. This is BTW (speaking of evangelization...) another great reason to support homeschooling; it siphons off significantly the large numbers of people who would otherwise be trying to take over the school board to prevent their offspring from being exposed to evil-ution. My school district in the '80's *did* get taken over by anti-evolutionists--and the irony is that our science teachers wouldn't even teach evolution (mine claimed we were suddenly short of time and would have to skip a chapter; others told the students to write a paper presenting their own POV & then didn't grade them) out of fear. That sort of thing seems less frequent now, at least round these parts, and it seems obvious that that's a direct result of the massive evangelical homeschooling movement here.

And if you're saying "But what about the kids?"--don't worry. I've met them, all grown up, and believe me, the hand that rocked the cradle is no longer shaping the mind.