Thursday, May 19, 2005

Just Because I Can

A looooooong time ago, pretty much back in the day when the internet became widely publicly available (can you say "Mosaic"?), I created what came to be known as a vanity web page. It's still out there, mostly to provide a home to my Christianity FAQ, because up until recently, it was one of the top-ranked FAQs on the topic. I don't know what happened, but about two or three months ago it dropped from showing up on the first page of every search engine when you went after "Christianity FAQ" after doing so for many years (though, while just checking, I found that if you include it in quotes like I have here, it still shows up in the first few pages of results). (And, the site that is at the top of nearly every first result page is a rabidly anti-Christian atheist site run by a Grade-A asshole. It's an interesting site if you want to see how nasty and vicious some can get in slamming the faith of believers.)

Anyway, the other thing I created that I'm still kinda proud of is this attempt to make the original intro page look somewhat like an animated Yes album cover. I drew/created everything you see there except the gifs for the twinkling stars.

This was back when the rage was creating the wildest - if not oblique and difficult to use - intro page to your site possible. The idea was that if it were enticing, people would click around just to see what happened. Well, as the web took off, the crabs of the world and the people who knew something about graphical design started complaining and putting up web sites bashing the terrible design of others. (Where I work, we still have a Developer (Computer Programmer for those of you in the cheap seats) who still fears and dreads anything of his showing up on the lists of one of those sites.)

So, I retired the page and put up an intro page that actually explained what the links might take you to.

I still like how my original one looks though. And the reading page (first tree on the left) has a decent collection of the better jokes and articles that circled the web back in those days. Enjoy.

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