Monday, June 06, 2005

Just goes to show you that there are those who hope Darth Vader wins...

I've been doing my best to keep my head down and ignore the current political situation in order to preserve quality of life, and since a bazillion other blogs are snarking about it, I don't have to.

Still, when the Watergate scandal's Deep Throat finally reveals himself, and a large portion of the conservative punditry actually criticizes HIM rather than admit Nixon was a crook, it just seems surreal.

Tom Burka, via the Poor Man, illustrates.


Anonymous said...

Misses what I think is the point. Of course Nixon was a crook. But the unintended consequence here is a generation of 'journalists' who think it their function to bring down politicians. They being what they are, they can often be brought low. Depending on your 'team,' you can fuss alternately about hunting Clinton via his dick (though of course the point there was perjury to avoid prosecution, not really a bunch of semen stains); or about Bush's 'lies.' Where we all lose is in the post-modernist journalist's belief that there is no fact and no objectivity. I think we could all decry the death of an old ideal. To me the classic was Rather with the fake but accurate rationale. We'll do what it takes to bring down whoever we want to bring down - and demand your reverence for our status and watergate-enhanced prestige at the same time we crap on the canons that supported it.

An analog, I think, is the unintended consequence of James Watt's devastating wit, on the big enviro organizations. 'We' flooded them with contributions back in his hey-day, they addicted to the cash and staffing levels supported by our contributions, and are now lashing the airwaves to froth with trumped-up nonsense about devastating enviro crimes, to keep the money flowing.

I could also adduce the American gulag at Guantanamo. Funds and prestige, at least for a while, follow lying and hype. For a while.

Sleemoth said...

I'm hip, Yahm. Or, like the first comment above, they brush off Nixon and focus on some irrelevent non-point. Nobody seems to acknowledge that Nixon was the worst president in the history of our country, with IRONCLAD FACTS to back it up. There's no disputing that he ordered the justice dept. to shut down the watergate investigation - a clear felony of obstruction of justice, by a sitting president. That is fact. Woodward and Bernstein reported it, objectively. And they want to shoot the messenger!