Tuesday, April 17, 2007

For Your Convenience

Rolling Stone also has videos of the famed spooky coincidence between Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon and The Wizard of Oz, the "good parts" version.

Found here.

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Anonymous said...

I, myself, watched "The Dark Side of Springfield" some time ago. The 3rd Season of the Simpsons with Dark Side of the Moon as the soundtrack. The coincidences were indeed spooky enough to suggest prior planning, the biggest one being that Homer attempts to cash a $1,000,000 check during "Money."

Why did I do this? Because a buddy of mine was babbling about "Dark Side of the Rainbow," and I decided to show him that *any* soundrack with *any* video will appear to line up, at least in some places. Calling it spooky is just failing to understand the human power of suggestion.

Of course, if RS believes that JFK was felled by a government conspiracy, they'll probably believe that Pink Floyd was watching "Wizard of Oz" in the recording studio and exerting herculean effort to make their new album line up with it. Without telling anybody. And without VHS, DVD, or any other form of home video for their fans to get the benefit of it. Makes perfect sense to me.