Tuesday, May 22, 2007

In praise of silly music

Now that it's out, the fambly is bopping around to Avril Lavigne's, The Best Damn Thing. This album is aimed straight at the hearts and souls of young girls, and since that describes everyone human in the house but me, it's been a big hit.

But I really dig it too. I love the rah-rah, cheerleader vibe. But, ultimately, it's pretty silly. I've never had a problem with silly.

Frinstance, "The Darkness", those guys who have picked up where Queen left off, though with a decidedly more heterosexual, but very geeky bent. I never fail to smile when one of the tunes from their latest, One Way Ticket to Hell comes on, particularly the song "Knockers" where he goes for the cheap seats on the chorus, squealing: "And I just love what you've done with your hair!" Always raises a chuckle. And "Hazel Eyes" is nearly indescribable.

Silliest of all, though, is the recent offering Evil Dead: The Musical cast recording. The songs aren't really totally catchy like those from Little Shop of Horrors, but - I gottta tell ya - there is joy to be had during ditties like "What the Fuck Was That?"

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