Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Lilly Allen is a hoot

One of my recent guilty pleasures is Lilly Allen's CD, Alright, Still. I thought I'd like the hit "Smile," but assumed the rest would be dreck - typical of most chanteuse releases these days. (And she's pretty, which is always suspect, sadly.)

It's pretty funny, which is always a plus with me. It's mostly reggae, with some touches of ancient British pop, and a little rapping (which I tend to skip - just won't ever warm up to someone talking when they could be singing). It's all catchy, though.

And it passed the big test - I tend to hunt it down and slap in on the player. But only when the kids aren't around; it's about the bluest disc I have. (The primary topics are screwing and breakups.)

On a British game show recently, she revealed that she has a third nipple (and I do mean "revealed") - watch the vid below. (I've noticed I've tossed a parenthetical at the end of every paragraph so far, gotta be consistent.)

I hope this woman has a long career. She's fun.

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