Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Art and Politics (unrelated topics mashed into one post)


Found (StumbledUpon) a couple wild art sites.

Brian Dettmer: Book Autopsies

I can't imagine the time it takes to dig through these books for pictures and then cut down to them this way. Were I wealthy, I'd hunt this guy down and procure a couple few of these. Also, kudos to him for channeling obsessive-compulsiveness into an art form.


What an eye this guy has. I've not happed upon an art blog (other than the 2Blowhards, natch), that is so diverse in its findings and offerings. What an eye. Some content NSFW.


As constant readers know, I suck out loud the most when I go political, so I'm not gonna do that.

But Bruce is! Check this out from a recent concert he did for the Today show:

Couldn't have said it better myself (and I almost never do).

A buddy sent me this Candidate Calculator. (One bit of coolness is every topic is linked out to a site that explains it.)

Glory be, the calculator and my choices match:

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