Friday, June 13, 2008


One of the joys on the web is ffffound. People simply collect images they like there, so it's a cornucopia of pics and a nice way to kill some time.

This is not only funny as hell, but it's a decent photoshop effort as well.

I read recently that people tend to mess up with shadows, and particularly shadows around the eyes. If this weren't so pixilated, it'd be a classic.

Yeah, we've all been here once or twice.

Though, with me, I had stupidly decided that rather than buy a werewolf mask, I would paste it all on like they do in the movies. It looked great. Thank God I was as hammered as I was when I discovered I was supposed to prep my skin first, and had to take an industrial strength solvent to my face after trying to pull most of it off had proven less than effective.

Well, time to fly.

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