Friday, September 05, 2008

Is it going to matter?

I asked my wife after the news last night what she thought of the coming election. She said she felt Obama had a good chance, but surprised me by saying that it might not matter if they fix the election again like they have the last two times.

Good point.

Here's an interesting post and subsequent comments (particularly this one) on Making Light about the stolen elections, and summed up by a cartoon.


Anonymous said...

Oy vey.

IMHO there's 3 ways Obama can lose the election (in increasing order of probability):
1. Fuck up in some really major way - this would be akin to scaling Mt. Rushmore, dick-slapping Jefferson in the face, and spray painting 'I hate America' across Washington's lapels. Verrrry unlikely.
2. Get killed. All it takes is one sick fuck with a hunting rifle (and there were 3 of them in Denver last week - interesting how the media reported them as not a major threat, and yet they had high-powered rifles, walkie talkies, and even admitted that their goal was to snuff him on the stage. Liberal media my ass.)
3. Rigged election.

If 2 or 3 happen, I'm seriously gonna start looking for work in Canada or Australia.


yahmdallah said...

oh, the myth of liberal media died hard the last few weeks. as predicted, no democratic opines on the floor of the repub convention that I saw.

and then the Repubs stole a buttload of flags from the Democratic convention, claiming they were being "thrown away." truth is, they were being stored for later use.