Thursday, August 06, 2009


Just some housekeeping. You'll notice that some blog bros and sisters are gone from the right, they done retired. (Dropping like flies anymore. Have we passed into a new age on the web and no one noticed?)

I'll miss you Opinionated Home Schooler and Redwood Dragon.

Also, the link to my old vanity site will be coming down sometime in Oct. because Geocities/Yahoo is discontinuing their free hosting service, so it will disappear into the void. So, if there's anything out there that you like or liked, go grab it now. The Reading page in particular has some good stuff. I think it's the only place on the web you'll find Gahan Wilson's wonderful Pocket Movie Sci-Fi / Horror Calculator.


Anonymous said...

I tried to add to my reader so I could star what I wanted to came out chinese. Interesting.

Sya said...

Well, whenever something new comes along, a lot of people drop the old thing to try the new--like Facebook or Twitter. Or it could just be burn out or things getting really busy in real life. I know I haven't been posting as much as I used to--and it's going to get even more sparse when I start holing up somewhere next spring to write my dissertation.