Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I love this picture

The cast of Star Wars.

Whisky pointed out that Anthony Daniels / C3P0 isn't in this shot, so here's what he looked like back then:

Here's a fun article with more shots from back in the day.

Just to be that way, here's my post / review on the book these shots came from. I've requested the book from the library again to get a scan of that pic I talk about, which I'll post here when I get it. Stay tuned.

And here it is, the photo of Mary Lind, film control coordinator:


Anonymous said...

Very cool. I'm guessing the short fella was the guy in the R2D2 getup, the tall dude was Chewie, and the bespectacled dude was either C3P0 or Darth.


Whisky Prajer said...

Minus Anthony Daniels -- but still, a terrific "period" shot.

yahmdallah said...

Whisky's right, Anthony Daniels / C3P0 is not in the shot. The guy with glass is the body of (old) Darth, yes. (Though he did speak Darth's lines on the set.)

Even though there are a lot of tall guys there, isn't it amazing how tiny Carrie Fisher is?

Anonymous said...

Tiny? She's twice as tall as the guy standing next to her!

Whisky Prajer said...

She's still tinier than Mark Hamill. And Anthony Daniels -- that guy *still* fits into that costume. Unbelievable.