Friday, March 04, 2011

My New Favorite Piece of Trivia

We've all heard the phrase, "Does not compute."

Who's the one who made it a meme? Julie Newmar, aka Catwoman (the one all of our loins remember - no disrespect to the lovely Eartha Kitt).

See, there was this show called My Living Doll that premiered in 1964 on CBS, created and produced by Desilu and the creative staff behind My Favorite Martian. The premise was this scientist has created a robot (a sexy, female robot, of course) and he gives it to a bachelor psychologist friend of his to train it to make it "more human."

The robot's refrain when "she" was asked something she didn't understand was: "Does not compute." Before Lost in Space, even.

You can watch snippets and read some history here.


Anonymous said...

Julie Newmar. *sigh* I'm really sorry I was born too late to have a shot at her.


yahmdallah said...

Thanks, Joel, for coining the underlying theme of my post. ;)