Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Trivial Post on Pop Trivia

Came across some new rock/pop trivia - and being the Cliff Claven of the same, thought I'd share it with you:

- Paul Simon took the phrase of “Mother and Child Reunion” (for both song title and lyric) from a menu selection on a Chinatown restaurant where chicken and eggs were served together. [RS 1130, pp. 63.] Fitting for a happy-sounding song about a dark thing: "this sad and mournful day."

- Paul McCartney is a good friend of Simon's, and called him up on his 64th birthday and said, "I'm sorry, but this has to be done," and sang "When I'm Sixty-Four." [RS 1130, pp. 56.] Can you imagine one of The Beatles calling you on your 64th and singing to you?

- "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover" was about breaking up with Shelley Duvall, and the lyrics were inspired by advice from Lorne Michaels (of SNL fame). [RS 1130, pp. 63.] And here I thought it was about Carrie Fisher. However, most of Hearts and Bones (one of me fave albums of all time) is about the Princess.

The name "The Beatles" was partially derived from their love of Buddy Holly and The Crickets – they are essentially named after The Crickets. (Don't recall where I read this.)


Anonymous said...

The Beatles were a Beat group, part of the Beat generation, and they named themselves after it, not vice versa. I don't care what Wikipedia says.

(I believe everything Wikipedia says about, say, quadratic reciprocity, or the 802.11 data standard, because Wikipedia is unerringly accurate in its abstruse technical articles. But you should always take popular articles with a grain of salt, because you have no idea who may have been editing lately.)


Yahmdallah said...

I din't get that from wiki. It was either Rolling Stone or some other book about rock trivia. And it's just an element of their name.