Tuesday, October 14, 2003


I tried, and I mean I really tried, to not make political posts. My dismay at the way things have gone since the botched election have overcome my better judgement to not grouse about things. The pendulum will most likely swing back, even if this is the most ruinous administration ever to have power in my lifetime. We can and will recover. Clinton proved that.

Waxing political when that is not the main thrust of your blog almost never has good effect, I've noticed when I read other blogs. What finally tipped the scales for me is this post by my favorite blogger (even though it's not technically a blog as he will point out), James Lileks. I nearly always unconditionally love every word that Lileks bothers to tap out for us on his site (though his articles for his various professional gigs, though uniformly good, aren't as much fun as his writing for the hell of it, probably for that very reason). But this one post made me wonder if James is really taking into account that the FBI person he thrashes is making some really valid points about the dangers to our constitutional rights, even if he does not agree with the way she made them. He seems to trust that the government will be right, good, and fair in dealing with those they target as enemies, which astounds me, given recent history. I think some administrations would be fair, but clearly not all will be. So they shouldn't have the kind of power that this FBI person is concerned about. They don't need it. And only those who would use it would naturally abuse it.

So, I kinda wandered away from that post thinking a little less of one of my heroes.

Also, this weekend at a party, I spouted about how Fox News is calling Plame a CIA "worker" and not an agent, in their typical wingnut spin. It cleared the table. People suddenly needed another beer, to hit the facilities, go find something else. There I sat, blowhard asshole, immediately knowing it wasn't worth the bad feelings to blabber about such things in the middle of polite company. Mother's warning about religion and politics proves to be true.

As my blog is still new, and my intent is to entertain and not anger or alienate, I think I'm going to put the kibosh on political posts. That doesn't mean they won't come up as topics, but hopefully it will stay light. I will try.

Most humble apologies.

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