Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Heart Hotels

I've always loved that song by Dan Fogelberg. It really nails those times in your life when you drop back from the world and take time to reassess yourself and your place in the world. (Plus, it's one of the prettiest singles ever released, imvho, and the Prophet 5 (synthesizer) solo is one-of-a-kind.)

I've been doing that kind of living inside myself, reassessing stuff lately after a brutal year. Good freakin' riddance to 2003, I say.

I've also just finished a grueling round of several interviews with entire conference rooms full of people for a position, which included providing samples of previous work and doing exercises on the spot, etc., which has been tiring to say the least. Since the job market is so tight, everyone's cautious, so they tend to throw the kitchen sink at you. These folks even made a point of including their more difficult personalities in the interview groups to see how I'd handle rude and inappropriate questions. (For example, one guy asked if I wanted the job for sole reason that I didn't have a job right now. No matter how one might protest otherwise, the conclusion is in the question, so you've lost any possibility of a believable response from the start. And, no, he didn't believe I wanted the job because I wanted to be in the kind of position, even though it's the very thing I've been doing for a decade now, and am eminently qualified.)

So, apologies for no posts, but by the time I have a free moment these days, my mind is already ground to mush where I can just muster enough energy to watch a sitcom or a light movie. I'll get back on the horse soon, though. Got several things in various stages of completion.

But for now, there are too many windows in this old hotel...

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