Monday, January 19, 2004

Martin Luther King Day

...In honor of the great Martin Luther King, may he rest in peace.

(If you are reading this, on this day, at work - shame on your company! (Save for those that are open on every holiday, of course.))

His death is one of those few events that changed the course of history and the tone of the character of our nation, joining this short list:

The Revolutionary War
The Civil War
Lincoln's assassination
World War One
The Great Depression
World War Two
Kennedy's assassination
(MLK's assassination)
The Vietnam War
9-11 Terrorist Attack

So, this is our day to remember him, to mourn the loss of what he may have accomplished, and to understand the legacy of fear and mistrust achieved by his murder.

Yet, we would not have come this far had he not been there to guide us, if even for a little while. At least we can take comfort in that knowledge. It is not an entirely a solemn day.


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