Saturday, March 20, 2004


Well hell, that sucked. One internet provider scratched. "Wow. That's really weird. I don't know what to tell you. Obviously it's not your hardware or your software. You should be able to log on. Hmmm. Sorry." <-- Actual quote from support person, even though she was a sweetheart.

In theory, I'm back. I hope you come back, whoever you are.

And all these wild things have happened. Big Gay Al got voted off of Survivor for - besides being an asshole - probably rubbing his peeny on I'm-Gonna-Sue. Both of them, maroons. I hope either Kathy or Rupert wins. Hopefully someone beats the crap out of Rob M. ("M" for "motherf***er - what a creep!) Stephen King is recycling a horror soap opera from somewhere in Europe, using his encounter with a van collision as the catalyst. My thoughts so far: Meh. Fleetwood Mac is once again re-re-re-re-releasing their magnum opus "Rumours" in yet another version, remastered and expanded - and yes I'm going to buy it. (This will make it the 6th time, counting: Cassette (twice - wore the first one out), Record (half-speed master), CD, DVD (surround - which played on every DVD player I have, EXCEPT the one actually attached to the surround stereo), and now CD again. "Friends" is almost gone - most likely Ross and Rachel are gonna finally commit for real - uh, TV real, that is. "Fairly Odd Parents" will take the chalice as the funniest show on TV when that happens.

Got lotsa movie, music and book reviews in the hopper. Away we go! V 2.0!

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