Tuesday, March 09, 2004

I'm under attack!


Since about two Tuesdays ago, I haven't been able to log onto the web with my computer. My wife's computer still logs on with no worries. Mine acts like I'm being hacked.

After trying my ISP support about three times, and continually getting the help desk dweeb from SNL, I decided to trouble-shoot it myself.

I've ended up wiping my PC entirely (down to fdisk a few times) to see if that made a difference. What's odd is that sometimes I could log on right away after reloading everything, and other times it acted like it did after a few logons. Either way, by about the 5th time I tried to logon, I got "unable to establish a connection" over and over.

I have tried two different modems - one hardware, one a PCI card (winmodem). When I used the hardware modem, I had the identical setup to my wife's machine, which still logged on just great, throughout this whole time. I have also checked the wall jack, the chords, everything.

I think what's up is our webstalker has managed to get some hacker to mess with us - though I have no way of knowing this. What makes me suspicious is that I could log on initially a couple times after a wipe of my system, but then reacquired the problem. Lately, after the problem has started, I've tried loading www.yahoo.com, because it's the best test page for a fast load - they've always been fastidious about that page loading like lightening, bless their little digital hearts. But now when I try to load it, I get this weird pause, and then I get about 8 quick "clicks" (I have a sound event for every "link" I make, which also happens when I'm redirected) and then it says the page is unaccessable. Now why in the hell would it do that if I weren't being messed with?

If anyone has any ideas, please share. I want to get back to being able to use the web! Post blogs! Etc.!

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