Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Speaking of Cinderella

What iteration of this story are we on, now?

So far, I've counted:

- The Disney animated version
- The Disney live-action version with black actors in the roles (wait, I think the prince was Asian), starring divaette Brandy
- The 1965 TV version with Lesley Ann Warren, a fond memory for those who've seen it
- Drew Barrymore's version, Ever After, which is quite good, actually
- Ella Enchanted, the new one
- And last and least, Jerry Lewis' Cinderfella

What do you suppose is so alluring about this story that it's been done so many times, and the weird fact that it's been pretty good in all those incarnations?

Tell me, you script gurus! I think there's a nugget of wisdom, or at least a great secret here.

(And would a box set of these all together, except the Lewis one, sell, ya think? Provided you could work out the monstrous rights issues, of course.)

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