Friday, April 02, 2004

Trilogy of Terror

From the "Be afraid, be very afraid" files, come just three artifacts out of the many possible these days. I post them here because all three caused my jaw to swing whilst reading them.

The fact that voting fraud is so easy to commit, intentionally by design seemingly, on the e-voting systems offered so far, and that bitter, wingnut partisans are responsible for the creation and proliferation of most of these systems, and that we've seen how far they will go to steal an election, should just give everyone - even wingnut partisans - the fantods. Check this out, mang (and it's worth it to make it through the whole thing, even though it's long):

E voting nightmare

And in other "This is America, damnit!" bad news, one of the boils on the behind of Uncle Sam has now put out a book that just goes ahead and calls all liberals evil. Look, I don't think wingnuts are evil (just a couple of them are, *cough* Rove *cough* and *belch* Scaife *koff*), I just disagree with the direction they want to drag America. It really is going too far to call liberals (or conservatives) honestly evil. I often use the phrase "evil wingnuts," but I'm using it in the same sense as "evil calories" or "evil sitcoms" or something like that. Hannity is serious when he calls liberals evil. Crikey.

Deliver Us from Evil : Defeating Terrorism, Despotism, and Liberalism
by Sean Hannity
(Apparently the prequel to "It Can't Happen Here.") Deface a copy today!

Finally, is it just a coincidence that we have the Terminator himself in a prominent political office, and that flying killer robots in those movies are no longer just a wet dream of the Pentagon?

Killer Drones

I mean really. If we launch this plane that can just go hunting to kill people by itself, how many innocent people are going to suddenly be gunned down or vaporized by these things? It's like something out of a goth cartoon series. And according to the article, these things are supposed to be stacked to the rafters with bombs. I imagine these things aren't all that hard to knock out of the sky, and if someone does, won't they get a wonderful present of scads of bombs to use? Thank God one of the pilots of the current drones we use (just for spying) has said this is a very bad idea. I'm sure none of us want a future where, if we hear airplane engines, we not only fear them crashing into a building, but we anticipate it strafing us beforehand.

Voting fraud and wingnuts and drones, oh my!

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