Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Can you hear me now?

I've often blurted gleefully here about the remastering of the classics of rock and pop history, such as the recent Fleetwood Mac releases. Those remasters were NOTHING compared to the new SACD remasterings of Bob Dylan's catalogue. Only hybrid SACDs will play on standard CD players, but even the CD compatible portion of the disc benefits from the upgrade. When things moved from vinyl to CD, I thought I was hearing music all over again. Even though standard remasterings are good, hearing Blood on the Tracks in SACD was similar to that vinyl to CD experience. The sound is so immediate and layered. I can't find adequate words to describe it. And, I don't even have an SACD player (yet), and so this is just the CD layer I'm talking about. If you like awesome sound, now is the time to check into SACDs. Holy cow.

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