Friday, June 18, 2004

Guy Flicks

Some would maintain there have always been guy flicks. Westerns, action-suspense, swat-fu, and so on. Yet many in those categories appeal to women, too, when the story or characters are good enough. Thus, in my book, guy flicks - ones that appeal to guys only - are actually much rarer than chick flicks.

For instance, the only huge guy flick that comes to mind right now is Fight Club. I've yet to meet a woman who has said, "Yeah, great flick!" about Fight Club.

I think Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World might be a recent addition to the "guy flick" cannon. When I've heard any praise of it from women, it always centers around their crush on Russell Crowe, even though a few of them admitted he looked ridden hard and put away wet and was not his usual nummy self.

My wife was underwhelmed and her immediate comment when the credits rolled was, "Well, that was boring."

I myself kinda dug the action, the nautical detail, and the "hangin with the guys" camaraderie, though the doctor was a tad prissy for my tastes. And Crowe radiates a cool Capt. Kirk vibe, which, to give props to W. Shatner, is clearly much harder to do than one might assume.

So, for guys, Yahmdallah Bob says check it out. Canon fu. Sword fu. Mast fu. Gratuitous barfing. No breasts. Extra points for Crowe for getting more mileage out of a groaner (the weevils) than is typically allowed.

For the ladies, rent 50 First Dates, though your guys will like this one, too. Rumor has it that Under the Tuscan Sun is a great chick flick, but I haven't stored up enough testosterone patches to endure watching myself, so can only pass along what I've heard from the ladies.

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