Friday, January 20, 2006

Bad Medicine

A miserable cold has swept through the Yahmdallah household. If that wasn't enough of a pain in the ass, we discovered that Colorado has a state law that limits the purchase to two per of any medicine that contains Sudafed.

Nearly every over-the-counter cold medicine contains Sudafed.

Apparently you can make the speed du jour, meth (methamphetamine), using Sudafed as one of the ingredients.

So, to save us from ourselves, one of the few remaining over-the-counter drugs to relieve cold symptoms is quasi-illegal because you can use it to make an illegal drug.

Hey, I have an idea! Let's make water illegal because you can use it to do all sorts of bad stuff, like:

- fill your bong
- mix up your heroin hit
- torture enemies
- dampen white cotton t-shirts, thus exposing the nipples underneath
- squirt narcissistic celebrities, causing the launch of frivolous lawsuits, burdening the already beleaguered legal system
- deprive bottled water companies of their revenue stream

And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Hopefully we can find those concerned about public health and welfare to get behind this important initiative.

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Mark Kleiman wrote about this issue here: