Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A laugh, a song, and some perspective

Via, Real Live Preacher (a fun Christian blog that even non-Christians would probably appreciate), either someone didn't get the memo on the cover sheets for the TPS reports, or is purposely being obtuse:

The RLP post itself and the comments are fun.

The two things that mystify me are 1) not ONE PERSON walked in and said, "Guess what, MLK was an American black pastor, not a German religion rebel," and 2) this was on the door of a LIBRARY, ostensibly a warehouse for knowledge and the very place where they might be able to avoid a gaff like this.

If your tastes run to the singer-songwriter sector of the known universe, a new star has just become visible on the horizon.

His new CD is called Almost Honest, and I had that rare experience of liking every song that I heard when I played it the first time. Listen to the title track here (select "launch site"). It plays other songs, too, including his hit from his last CD called "Amazing" - a great song with a sneaky beat and a killer chorus.

I found this great song and video via stumbleupon (where it popped up because the web design site that built it has a wild regressing menu: "Capn Kirk" by Bob Schneider. <------- If you follow no other link in this post, I humbly suggest for your own amusement you don't pass this one up - this is probably one of the cleverest videos I've seen, and the song is damn good.

If only there were an outlet for music videos anymore (at least one that wasn't thugvision 24/7), this would be in the top 10.

Fans of Hitchhiker's Guide the Galaxy (the novels and the original British TV show) will recall an episode where Zaphod climbs into a device that shows you exactly how important you are in the grand scheme of things, the intent of which is to make you feel really really unimportant (since Zaphod is about to save the galaxy, he comes out ok, actually).

Well, that's not the intent of this fun little demonstration of galactic distances, but it still made me want to get a cup of hot chocolate and chill on the couch for a bit. (Keep zooming out.)

And doesn't this feel like the truth sometimes?

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