Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Great Song for Free

The phenomenal, fantastic, but sadly cancelled show Dead Like Me had some great music (the score itself was by Stewart Copeland of the Police). A recurring theme was this song by Metisse called "Boom Boom Ba." Even the baby would stop what she was doing and point at the screen when the song came on, it's that good.

I inadvertently discovered you can snag it for free.

Using Microsoft Internet Explorer (because it preserves the names of all files downloaded), go here and wait for the song to play all the way through.

Under the Tools menu, select Internet Options, select the General tab, select the Settings button, select View Files, using the "Views" control on the file browser select "Details", click the "Last Accessed" column so it sorts the most recent to the top, and voila, at the top should be the mp3 file. Just copy it to where you want.

You're welcome.

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Feizi said...

Thank you thank you !!!
The show is back on SiFi.