Friday, May 19, 2006

Omnibus Music Postings (and other free stuff)

I've been cranking on today's posts a while now, it just so happens I've managed to bring them to completion at about the same time, so thought I'd post them as a set. There's at least two free songs to be had, if you're willing to hunt. Hope you enjoy them.

But before we get to the music stuff: this is the COOLEST piece of free software I've seen in a while (besides GIMP and Winamp). You can motor around the universe with photorealistic stars, planets, and even spaceships (with the copious add-ons). Kids of all ages, homeschoolers, and astronomy geeks need to have this software.

(Well, OpenOffice is pretty cool, too, but I have friends who work for Microsoft and so I have to keep up appearances (and, really, MS Office is still THE killer productivity app if you've got cash).)

(Heck, let's just let it all out; if you've got a bit of the geek in you, and are not afraid to read some notoriously snotty Linux documentation, Ubuntu (African term for "humanity" pronounced "oom-boon-too") is the first Linux distro that's ready for prime time on the desktop. The install is slick, and I honestly didn't need to configure a single thing to begin working. So if you wanna go free all the way, now you really can.)

On to the tunage!

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