Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Reason #8,901 Why I Love That Woman

Our littlest is now commencing with potty training. She's up to always peeing in the potty when she's up and about, only wearing a diaper for sleeping and pooping. (Both of our daughters thus far have approached to two excretory functions as completely different animals, re potty training, which is a mystery to me.)

So, she was up from her nap, past the grogginess, and so my wife removed her diaper without performing a check first (something both of us are guilty of half the time). Alas, shite was in voluminous evidence, so the family unit sprang into action.

Wipes were delivered, diaper disposed of, etc.

I sat back down and continued reading as the cleanup commenced.

Then I heard my wife mutter, "Jeez. She's clenching like a freshman in the slammer."

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