Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Was on Vacation for a Week

Don't really have anything wild to report. 'Twas just a relaxing time spent on beaches watching the MPC's build sand castles during the day and laughing over dinner and beers with the adults at night.

Didn't read a lick. Saw no flicks. Didn't really surf the web. A media blackout, essentially.

And the only thing I appeared to have missed was Britney Spears' sleepwalking through a supposed "comeback" dance number, and folks said she looked fat. Well, I've seen the vids and photos since, and if that's fat, I don't understand what they could mean by thin. She looked just right to me, mother of two or not.

The other funny thing, found via Digg.com, is a Swedish game show host blows her groceries on the air during a live broadcast. This version has subtitles which contain her explanation for the accidental personal protein spill. If what she says is true, then it's reason number 257 I'm glad I'm a guy. Having to hide boners behind science texts in high school is nothing compared to getting the Technicolor yawns when the little friend visits.

Not for the easily queasy:

Perhaps this is what she's really saying:


Oh, and I've finally happed upon the fabulous Shatner "have you ever kissed a girl?" SNL skit:


Anonymous said...

I agree that Britney isn't fat, at least not by normal women's standards, but you've still got to admit that she embarassed herself in her "comeback". She was out of step with her dancers, and looked like she was struggling to keep up. Which makes me think that either a) she didn't rehearse enough; or b) she's just out of shape; or c) both. At any rate, she's been a professional long enough that she should have known what she was getting into. Which is why this whole episode is being cited as further evidence that Britney has lost her marbles.


Yahmdallah said...

Oh, she may be as crazy as an outhouse rat. I can't imagine being in her situation. Agreed, the dance number was absurd. She just wasn't fat.

Whisky Prajer said...

Funny how, for one brief sketch, Shatner lost all his acting mannerisms. Have you seen that documentary on Trekkies? It seems to have been made by someone who wanted to defend his passion in the face of Shatner's frustration. The film is kind of a mixed bag, but it is curious to see the uneasy sort of peace that Shatner's made with the phenomenon. Also curious to see how the guy who plays Riker just loooooves those conventions! He's a freakin' rock star at those things! Quite the contrast, really.

Yahmdallah said...

I have seen that documentary. Yes, it was sorta fun.

I've also read all the "Star Trek Memories" Shatner had ghost-written. If you're a fan, they're worth an afternoon or two.