Thursday, September 27, 2007

Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace

The new Foo Fighters is fantastic.

Albums like this restore my faith in music. I've often warbled in woe here about getting old and that must be why music not reaching me like it once did. When it's been a while since something got those endorphins up, I think it's me, not the music that's available. But I sat there through the first listen enraptured, even doing a little head-banging (which slightly alarmed my two-year-old at first).

I feel this is their best good-all-the-way-through LP since There Is Nothing Left to Lose.

What kind of amazes me is that no one has mentioned in any review that it appears Dave Grohl has finally written his "Kurt Cobain" album. "Let It Die" is a screamfest about (no surprise), letting everything die. Nearly every song can be viewed in the context of Grohl's relationship with Cobain. "Statues" which contains the lyrics "time will turn us into statues, eventually" is the most blatant exploration of being in "Nirvana."

(But then, I had a theory about One by One being the Vampire Lestat album. Maybe I'm seeing things that arent' there.)

I urge everyone to check it out. Of course, fans have already been spinning it for a couple days.

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