Friday, April 11, 2008

Sticky Quotes

Sledded through The Rolling Stone Interviews - a book I impulse-shopped at the library. Every time I go to get a book I intend to read, I'll grab 3 or 4 that provoke any interest in case the main thing I'm getting sucks, or I need something handy for a bathroom jaunt (oversharing, I know).

Besides John Lennon's admission that he often felt like he was just a member of "Paul's band" throughout most of his time in the Beatles, particularly the latter part after Brian Epstein died, this Joni Mitchell quote keeps coming back to me:

By the time of my fourth album [Blue, 1971], I came to another point - that terrible opportunity that people are given in their lives. The day that they discover to the tips of their toes that they're assholes [solemn moment, than a gale of laughter]. And you have to work from there. And decide what your values are. Which parts of you are no longer really necessary. They belong to childhood's end.


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