Wednesday, August 27, 2008

And now, the Republican Spin Reaction

So the wife and I watched the Hillary speech last night. My wife was really pulling for Hillary, and it helped get her "over the hump" as they say.

The thing that interested me ... well, that's not accurate ... the thing that pissed me off was every time a Democrat finished a speech, or when they would "go down to the floor", they would invariably talk to a Republican commentator. As if Democrats give a flying star-spangled fuck about what Mitt Romney thinks.

The CBS national news with Katie was guilty of this, as were the local news casts. One of the local news casts actually lined up 4 Republicans in a row to solicit commentary after asking only one question of a Democrat - and that one question was so spun the guy responding actually laughed at first, it was so Colbert-esque.

Is this new? I don't remember the past Democratic conventions essentially being turned into Republican infomercials.

Newsweek also has a slant on the wacky coverage.


Anonymous said...

Kinda blows away the myth of the liberal media, eh? Time Warner owns CNN, GE owns NBC, Viacom owns CBS. It's a no-brainer. Any conservative readers care to dispute this?

But it's the subtle, indirect methods that concern me the most. Example: I was watching CNN yesterday morning in my hotel room (just dropped the first child off at college). They were doing the usual right/left back and forth with the respective media people (Stephanie Miller for the left and a guy who's name I can't recall on the right). Miller was in Denver and the reporter and neocon were in the studio. They deliberately put Miller on a delay that was about as long as if she were in Iraq! The obvious goal was to make her look stupid, sitting there blank-faced for about 2 seconds, after the question was put to her.

A little while later, as I was having breakfast, the tv was tuned to Fox (as seems to be the norm wherever public TV's are running). They were about to interview Susan Eisenhower (granddaughter of former POTUS). She has thrown her support to the Obama camp. About 10 seconds into it, the interview was cut off and commercials started. There was no lead-in to this - it was an immediate cutoff. After 3 minutes of commercials they came back and continued the interview, claiming 'technical difficulties'. Very convenient.

Ever get the feelin yer bein cheated?

Yahmdallah said...

Yeah. Now that it's the Repub's turn, last night they did a "report" on the local news that was essentially a McCain ad. Didn't see nothin' like that for Obama.

AND they're still using the "he's only a celebrity" gambit against Obama - which I kinda like only because it's stupid. Every time I hear it I think, THAT'S all you got? (Besides the whole of big media in their pocket.)