Friday, March 06, 2009

or "Schadenfreude"

I suspect that when the Material Girl served Guy Ritchie the papers, he secretly rejoiced that he could get back to boinking his leading ladies.

Y'know, not that other rock stars are doing the aging boogie that well either...

But jeez. She's gone from decent to a full-on two-bagger. (One for her, and one for you in case hers falls off, as the old joke goes.)

Recently my wife and I were bemoaning what aging does to the aesthetics of your body, even if you stay in shape, and we agreed is just ole Mother Nature taking you out of the dating pool whether you like it or not. Can't have all these old farts tempting the young and fertile away from whom they should be with for continuing the species.

For instance, here's what Mr. Heavy Metal himself looks like while shopping with his wife:

Hetfield in flip-flops.

I doubt one groupie would like twice, unless it was out of incredulousness.


Whisky Prajer said...

Gah! Thanks for the nightmares! I'm recalling some commentary I heard re: a new line of rejuvenation creme that included salmon semen or somesuch and sold for beaucoup bucks. The person ranting listed off the celebs who were using the stuff (including Madonna) and concluded, "Just look at those people. They're made of money, but they can't avoid getting old. They bathe in this stuff and the best they can do is look strange. Save your money and grow old gracefully!"

yahmdallah said...

Hear hear.