Friday, March 27, 2009

Most Humble Apologies

Ever look at a morbidly obese person and wonder how they wiped their ass?

Wonder no more - the long reach comfort wipe:

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In other advertising wonderfulness, check this out:

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I've heard that the depression recession has been hardest on teenagers since old farts like myself are now asking folks if they'd like fries with that. Well, to me, here's the opportunity for a win-win. They should hire teenage boys to vet all ads, to insure they pass the "Beavis and Butthead" test.


Anonymous said...

OK, you're not standing in a bread line yet, I think comparing this recession to the Great Depression is ignorant at best, insulting to those who actually lived through it at worst. Check yourself.

yahmdallah said...

My father lived through it and I've heard some amazing stories, but I doubt he'd be insulted by my comments.

And you are correct that America is not at the bread line level (though other countries are), and hopefully it won't come close here, since there were other mitigating factors in the GD, and the Bushites and such weren't able to completely undo all the protections and other things put in place to prevent another depression of that magnitude.

I think you'll concur that it shouldn't be even this bad, though, had the govt. attempted to be responsible about regulation.