Monday, April 06, 2009

He Should Be Pissed. Sorta.

The recent Rolling Stone has a nice little bio on Kris Kristofferson by Ethan Hawke (the actor, who's apparently branching out). It starts with a little vignette backstage at Willie Nelson's 70th birthday concert (excerpted from the Yahoo story, as Rolling Stone hasn't put it online yet):

Hawke said the argument began with the "Star" [Toby Keith] telling Kristofferson: "None of that lefty (expletive) out there tonight, Kris."

Hawke said Kristofferson then angrily confronted and asked him if he had ever served in the military.
"Have you ever killed another man? Huh? Have you ever taken another man's life and then cashed the check your country gave you for doing it? No, you have not, so shut the (expletive) up," Hawke recounted Kristofferson as saying. "You don't know what the hell you are talking about."

After the shit Keith pulled on the Dixie Chicks, it's nice to see him get a little jab in the nuts. Which he handles well:

"He didn't even call me by my name. ... He called Norah Jones, Ray Charles, everybody else by name. Willie (Nelson), Kris (Kristofferson). Why didn't he call my name? Why didn't he say Toby Keith walked through and said this (expletive)? Right? You know why. You know why. You know as good as anybody why. He didn't want to (expletive) deal with the aftermath."

Oh, wah. Guess what goes around comes around. I can't wait for the Dixie Chicks song about it.

Almost forgot to include a pretty funny story from the article, which I'll have to paraphrase as I don't have the mag with me.

At the funeral of June Carter Cash, as Kristofferson was sitting next to Johnny Cash in the receiving line, a guy walks up and after he offers his condolences to Cash, he tells Kristofferson that he loved his singing. After the guy walked away, Cash leaned over and whispered, "Well, there's one.

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