Saturday, May 09, 2009


So who were the marketing geniuses in each studio who felt is was a good idea to release their big sci-fi film at the same time everyone else did. And on mother's day weekend no less?

This weekend we have the new "X-men", "Terminator", and "Star Trek" all opening, and there's "Angels & Demons" plus the sequel to "Night at the Museum." In the age where movies stay in the theatres for two weeks, tops.

Da fork?

Turns out, I wasn't looking at the DATES of the ticket sales. When I went to the site I have for a while to find out movie times (because if you call the theatre for them, you're in for a 15 minute ride through menus before you know a movie time, and that's if you get the options right), I did not realize that you can now buy tickets for movies weeks in advance. And, the date of the show is listen in parenthesis, so it's easy to miss it's for a couple weeks out.
Fri (5/22) ( 11:50 ) ( 2:00 ) 4:40 7:30 10:20

See the date in there? Well, I didn't when I was in a hurry and was skating past all the other crap they put in your way on commercial sites.

So, the only movie I did care about seeing was the only one playing.



Whisky Prajer said...

That is one bone-headed marketing move. On the other hand, it's likely to pan out which of these franchises is likely to have stronger legs.

yahmdallah said...

See update. I'm a tard.

Whisky Prajer said...

Ha! So the movie industry isn't so ignunt as all that after all!