Thursday, August 25, 2005

In Darker News

The pandemic edges closer. I keep wondering what Stephen King thinks of this.

WHO Speeding Up Flu Pandemic Preparations

WHO warns flu pandemic to occur

At least it's not four dead in Ohio this time, but still...
SWAT team police uses excessive force at Utah rave party

Is Your Boss a Psychopath?

Interesting article about how many higher ups in companies like Enron may have gotten there because they're freakin' sociopaths, as some of us have always suspected.

My only quibble is it ends with praising dubious "antibullying" movements and unidentified Asian cultures that put community bonds above individual's rights (hmmmm, China?) as possible solutions, and accuses America's individuality streak as a primary cause of sociopathy. So oppressive institutions will help us with this issue, eh? Sometimes it's hard to tell if this is misguided neocon thinking or misguided socialist thinking.

I've got a rash idea: When we discover someone in a high (or any) position acting rashly and causing a lot of agony, why don't we just fire their asses rather than bringing in the Reds or the "red state" ideologues?

People's kids. Crikey.

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Yahmdallah said...

Let me say it first: I used that "red state" swipe more for effect in this post than because of any belief in it. I think the whole red state/blue state paradigm is specious at best and doesn't really accurately describe anyone or any group that actually exists. It manages to falsely belittle everyone at once, I think.