Thursday, August 04, 2005

Nobody Does Smackdown Like Garrison Keillor

I'm beginning to realize that perhaps Denver radio is way more debased than it might be elsewhere. In a small jaunt to the mountains this weekend, I found a station that had a beautiful eclectic mix that would become a constant companion could I get it down here in the foothills. So, I'll just take it on faith that radio elsewhere might actually be flourishing.

According to Garrison Keillor in the charming "Confessions of a Listener," there is hope. (Again, via

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Anonymous said...

I'm not qualified to comment on his politics. Literarily, he hit a high point with the Book of Guys, and it's been slippery slope ever since. I defy anyone with a sense of humor to read that book without guffawing. Now, he's in terminal earnest mode; there are theoretic treatments, but generally, it's fatal.