Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Black is Beautiful

Man, this is gonna tork a lot of people off (like this, for example). (via 2Blowhards).

But I say - as one of those very middle-aged white guys she describes, belly and all - that if that's what flips her skirt, I'm glad she knows it and goes after what she wants. The flip side is just hurting and angering those who don't understand what's wrong with them (not that anything is wrong with them of course, they're just the wrong guy).

I've said it before, but when it comes to sex, ya likes what ya likes, and ya don't what ya don't.

But, please Ms. Bakos*, turn up your stereo so I don't have to explain to the kids that no that lady's not being hurt, she's actually having fun.

(*I can't help myself -- perhaps a lot can be explained by the fact that her name conjures up the image of artificially flavored salad seasoning bits based on smoked pork products, and the related theme of having her "salad tossed" have greatly influenced her career as a sex writer.)

((Oh, and has she possibly torpedoed her sex advice career and books since her advice can be summed up by: "Go black and don't look back, sweetheart"?))

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