Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Our littlest one turned one last week. "Poppet" is our endearment for her.

She now crawls everywhere. She says "Mama", "Daddo", "No", "Meow" (the sound kitties make, but it works for all aminals), and wonderful nonsense words like "Dodley-oh" and "Way-go way-go." She waves "hi." She can get up from a lying position. She can pound all the plastic balls into the maze on one of her favorite toys. And she can play catch (the one-year-old version, rolling the ball back and forth), and has quite the arm.

She got to dig into her birthday cake herself (a family ritual).

While big sister patiently looked on.

Happy Birthday sweetheart!

(She's saying "Dodley-oh" here, hence the Popeye mouth.)


The Opinionated Homeschooler said...

What a beautiful baby. Look at those perfect little toes. And big sister is quite the lovely young lady.

Well done Yahm!

Yahmdallah said...

Thank you!

Of course I have to add the obligatory "I had a little help."