Thursday, March 30, 2006

Blogging Cramps

Doncha hate it when you've been working on posts, but they just don't get off the ground? Words fall like lead diver's weights into your lap - treacherous if you're working in your jammies, lemme tell ya.

Frinstance, I attempted a post on those Scientology goofballs taking on South Park, but it was like making fun of the cross-eyed kid with a limp - who just happens to be a sociopath who's currently only snuffing hamsters but will most likely move on to bigger game as an adult. Besides, this exhaustive Rolling Stone piece is kinda the final word anyway. At least I learned something I didn't know previously: Scientology is yet another red-headed step child (plus cross-eyed with a limp) of Aleister Crowley. Man, if there were ever someone who was destined to join Hitler, Pol Pot, and the asshole who decided to make TV commercials twice as loud as the programming, in hell, it's Crowley. I even had a cute title: What would Xenu do?

Oh well.

I should have something hammered together soon. Thanks for checking back.


Anonymous said...

Interesting fact about Aleister Crowley: he was one of the premier mountaineers of his time. No, I'm serious. Rock & Ice Magazine ran an article about him roughly a year ago, in which they noted that he pioneered many climbing routes on various cliffs in England, some of which are considered challenging to this day. Which is impressive considering the primitive gear that climbers were using back then.

He also led many mountaineering expeditions, including an early attempt on K2 which did not reach the summit but did get higher than anyone had ever been on that mountain. He also probably saved the life of one of his climbing companions on that trip by correctly diagnosing cerebral edema. He understood the limits of altitude acclimatization better than perhaps anyone else in the world at that time.

The Rock & Ice article also briefly mentions that he was a sadistic pervert who was unable to form lasting friendships with anyone, ever, and who died both drug addicted and broke, an impressive feat considering the fortune that he had inherited.

Unfortunately the article is not online - R&I doesn't post their feature articles. But it was fascinating reading.

Yahmdallah said...

That is interesting.

Thanks for the info!

Sleemoth said...

Here's a bit only a 70's hard rock geek like me would mention:

Jimmy Page was obsessed with all things Aleister Crowley. He kept a collection of objects that belonged to him - clothing, collectibles, etc. He even bought and lived in one of his former mansions in London.

When John Bonham choked on his own vomit and died, it was in this mansion.