Monday, March 06, 2006


Y'know, this sums up every angle of the stupid Intelligent-Design-being-taught-in-public-schools debacle in four short panels. Gotta love the comics.

The comic is called Non Sequitur. It's good.


The Opinionated Homeschooler said...

I know, I shouldn't be on line, but the kids are sick & watching LOTR on dvd and I'm perishing of boredom. Can't even read real books 'cause I have to jump up every 60 seconds to wait hand and foot on the convalescents.

So ... let me just say that this whole ID thinkg is, as Mark Shea would say, Reason #15,078 for homeschooling. I can teach my kids the straight Catholic faith AND real science, neither of which my own high school could do. In my old school district, the elementary schools don't even teach Greek myths any more because of parental reaction ("False gods!!!"). You think they're going to touch evolution with a ten-foot pole?

From the 1949 catechism we use for religious ed. at home:

"The Church teaches that the Genesis account is substantially historically true. But Catholics are not forbidden certain liberty of interpretation.... We may consider the work done by God in one "day" as an immediate act, or as the result of a long period of development through the functioning of natural forces."

"Holy Scripture was not written for the purpose of serving as a technical reference work in science. The sacred writer's aim was to tell the story of creation, for the belief of the people, not for scientific investigation."

"Even if the theory of evolution could be scientifically proved ... the theory would not be opposed to catholic doctrine, which merely requires belief in the immediate creation of Adam's soul, in the image of God. Any 'evolution' was surely begun by an Intelligent Cause: God."

This last quote gives in indication why so many Catholics are confused about "Intelligent Design"; its name makes it sound like the standard Catholic teaching about the compatibility of evolution and creation, when in fact it's something quite different.

The Opinionated Homeschooler said...

Some day I will learn to check for typos before I hit "publish."

Yahmdallah said...

Thanks Sharon! Great comment.