Monday, June 05, 2006

Mutant Powers

I haven't seen the third X-Men movie yet, but am looking forward as I enjoyed the other two. They weren't great, but they were fine, fun entertainments. And, as subversive as it is these days, they actually contained characters who are straight-out Christians.

I never read them in the comic book form though, because I didn't like the concept. It seemed like such a massive cheat.

Most super-heroes have a premise, a finite set of powers and rules they have to live by. Which was true for each, individual X-man or woman, but since any and all weird powers could be introduced through a new mutant at any given time for convenience, it just smacked of built-in, perpetual Deus ex machina. Heck, even the wikipedia article specifically mentions X-men as a key offender.

Now, had they had a little fun with it, and winked at the reader once in a while, it might've been fun.

For example, imagine a mutant who could, say, vomit Nair on queue.

X-man known as BaldBurp: "I will exfoliate you beyond your darkest nightmares!"

Potential evil victim: "No! Please! I'm in the Hair Club for Men and this kind of damage isn't covered!"

But that would never happen.

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The Opinionated Homeschooler said...

Seeing X3 tonight, in the comfort of the Alamo Drafthouse (reason #148807 to live in Austin; Google for it and die of envy). Not expecting great cinema; just great special effects and spicy barbecued wings.