Monday, June 05, 2006

Saw Good Night, and Good Luck.

It was all that they said it was: a talky but compelling movie about folks in a newsroom discussing the dangers of taking on a powerful government figure.

Of course, had this movie been made at a point in history when we didn't have a somewhat dangerous, out-of-control government, it would not be near as interesting. Since we're dealing with Bush baby and the boys, it has a resonance to it.

However, one thing the movie did unintentionally point out is that our press is much more likely to thrash a politician without fear of recourse than they used to be, apparently, the unresolved trials of Rove's abuses of power and illegally exposing an agent notwithstanding. (And I thought of mentioning Bill Maher's losing his show "Politically Incorrect", but then he lost it because he said the terrorists were brave, which even pissed this ole liberal off, so fuck'im.)

Even though I enjoyed it while watching, there just wasn't a lot of there there, to borrow quote without bothering to look up and attribute the source.

The atmosphere and visuals were perfect. I really believed George Clooney, David Strathairn and Jeff Daniels were 1950s newcaster people.

Robert Downey Jr. is looking old, btw.

I recommend it for a Netflix, a library pickup, or heck if it's on TV just set the remote down and grove.

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