Friday, June 16, 2006

The Mystery of Others

Being the Cliff Claven of pop music trivia (at least for the period of time before hip hop took over and I could no longer manage to care), I do not have any room to mock or even approve of any one else's obsessions.

But I think admitting my utter mystification at one of the trends I see on flickr:
Obsessively photographing the daily outfit for future posterity and remarking what effect they feel they're achieving.

To quote the Van Morrison song "And the girls are all dressed up for each other" (from "Wild Night"), seems to be a clue to the phenom, because I don't know a single solitary straight guy who would mentally go further than "she's dressed nice" or "she's dressed oddly"; and to be completely honest, those metal quotes would tend more towards crude erotic summations rather than the G-rated ones here.

Btw, another trend I've noticed on flickr: If a woman has more than one page of photos grouped by "me/myself/etc." she will eventually include a topless or nude shot of herself.

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