Friday, July 21, 2006

It's a scorcher

My lovely wife was at her company meeting the other day, when it was discovered that a vehicle out front of the store was leaking gasoline. The owner attempted to manage the spill for a while until it became obvious that there was nothing affective he could do. Someone said, "Call the fire department!"

To which all the ladies (the entire staff save the owner is female) responded, "Great idea!"

For those of you who might not have a woman around the house, or be a woman, firemen are like visual crack for most of the female population. Firemen are usually buff, tough, and (from what I've been told) cute.

The meeting was taking place in a room that had a direct view of where all the firemen hotties were going to be, so the ladies rolled up the blinds to enhance their view.

The firemen showed up did their thing, with the owner outside watching and probably being a nuisance.

He came back in, and since we've had record temperatures lately, he was fluffing his shirt saying, "Whew! Is it ever hot out there!"

My wife fluffs her shirt too, and says, "I'll say!"

It took him a moment, but when he got it, I guess he turned an alarming shade of purple, which only got worse when all the ladies burst out laughing.

Y'now if it weren't illegal, I bet a common occurrence would be false alarms that resulted from a bunch of women partying and wanting some nice scenery to show up.

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