Thursday, August 10, 2006

Three Moons Over Milford

The teasers to for the show were good, and the premise seemed great - with the potential to be another Northern Exposure or at least Desperate Housewives, but hopefully one the whole family could watch (both of those being a bit adult for anyone under 13).

The premise is that a meteor hit the moon and cracked it into three pieces, so everyone on earth has gone into "Carpe Diem" mode. See how that could be whacky and fun? And in fact, during the opening credits, our heroine Maureen McGovern (whom I've always liked) cruises past several neighbors who've obviously adjusted their lifestyles, one of whom now waters her lawn in the nude.

But then we (actually McGovern) drive past a church where a bride and groom are emerging, he in the dress, she in the tux. Moments into the show we join a group of teenage girls in the midst of a Wiccan spell-casting ritual to restore the moon.

Um, when will the producers of these kinds of shows get the memo that the vast majority of families don't want to tackle the issues of gender bending and occult rituals during lite prime-time fare? Shows marketed to teenagers, sure! But "family" shows, no.

The commercial breaks all crow about how this is the "New" family channel, presumably one geared for the whole family to watch together. But perhaps they mean the "new" definition of family that the media is trying to force on us, which really is a code word for the new definition of "diversity," which really means ... well we all know what that means. Which is too bad. Postmodernism and American families really don't mix. (And if you want proof, just watch children in Toy'r'us sometime - where they go and what interests them.)

Now if the show had been actually good, I would just declare it not suitable for kids and be done with it, gladly taping it for later viewing. But since it sucks AND since it has material not suitable for kids, lets call this one a wash.

About the only thing that's clever about the show is that they worked "MILF" into the title.

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